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Dial Type Resistance Boxes Demonstration Coloured Television Power Factor Meter Electrodynamic Type Decade Resistance Box 1K Ohms to 10K Ohm Variac Hall Effect Experiment Photodiode Characteristics Apparatus Energy Band Gap of PN Junction Diode Clamp On Meter Thyratron Valve Characteristics Apparatus Mosfet Characteristics Apparatus Voltage Stabilization Characteristics of Zener Diode Digital R.P.M. Meter Millikan's Oil Drop Apparatus Insulation Tester Conductivity Bridge Study of 4 Bit BCD Counter E/M By Thomson (Bar Magnet Method) Digital Moisture Testing Machine E/M by Short Solenoid Method (Megnetron Method) Work Function of Diode/Richardson's Equation Kit Digital Panel Meters AC High Voltage Insulation Break Down Tester Half Wave or Full Wave & Rectifier Apparatus Flashing & Quenching of Neon RC Circuit (Transient Response) Power Supply 0-30 Volts 3 Amp Diode Valve Characteristics Apparatus Dielectric Constant Apparatus Digital L.C.R. METER Photo Multiplier Tube 931 with Housing Verification of truth tables of Logic gates using NAND Gate L.C.R. Bridge Digital Moisture Meter Thumbwheel Type RC Coupled with Inbuilt Two AC Millivoltmeter Scintillation Counter Study of 4 Bit Adder and Sub-tractor Moving Coil Meter Model Moisture Meter For Wood Charging & Discharging of Condenser Zener Diode Characteristics Apparatus Baliestic Galvanometer Reflecting Digital Panel Meters DC Digital Multimeter Student Ultrasonic Diffraction Grating Experiment Measurement of Peak Study of Transistor Amplifier Circuits Study of Frequency Modulation High Meg Resistance Box Dual Power Supply for Pentode Valve Experiment
Physics Electronics Equipments:

Manufacturers, Exporters & OEM Suppliers for Physics Electronics Educational Equipments & Training Products.

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Home  »  Verification of Various Laws & Conservation of Signal ยป Conversion of Galvanometer Into a Voltmeter and Current Meter

Product Name: Conversion of Galvanometer Into a Voltmeter and Current Meter
Product Code: VL - C7
Description: Conversion of Galvanometer Into a Voltmeter and Current Meter - Instrument comprises of DC Regulated Power Supply 0-10 VDC/500 mA, two round meters (One Voltmeter & One Galvanometer), Three set of Resistances mounted on panel, connections of Supplies, Meters & Resistances brought on terminals.
Conversion of Galvanometer Into a Voltmeter and Current Meter Manufacturers and Exporters from India, Instruments for Teaching & Electronics Training..
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