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Physics Educational Equipments:
Dial Type Resistance Boxes Digital Trainer Kit to Verify Adders & Sub-tractors using OR PN Junction/Zener Diode Characteristics Apparatus V.T.V.M. Vacuum Tube Volt Meters Digital Trainer to Verify Full Adder using OR Transistor Tester Voltmeters Flashing & Quenching of Neon Cell Tester Digital Trainer to Verify Half Subtractor using OR Conversion of Galvanometer Into a Voltmeter and Current Meter E/M By Thomson (Bar Magnet Method) EX-OR & AND gates Study of Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation Decimal to Binary Encoder using NAND gates Characteristics & Applications Thyristors Dual Power Supply 0-30 Volt 1 Amp. Half Wave or Full Wave & Rectifier Apparatus Power Output Meter Distortion Factor Meter Power Supply 0-30 Volts 3 Amp Digital pH/mV Meter 8085 Microprocessor Training Kit Clipping & Clamping Circuit Apparatus Spot Reflecting Galvanometer Study of Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Circuit using IC 565 Different type of 4 Arms Bridges Michalson Interferometer A.C. Milli Voltmeter Type Power Supply 3Amp Helium Neon Laser (He.Ne. Laser) Study of STEFANS LAW Post Office Box 6-Dials (Constantan Coil) Digital Regulated Power Supply Slide Wire Rheostats R.F. Oscillator A.F. Oscillator (Bridge Experiments) Photo Multiplier Tube 931 with Housing Triode Valve Characteristics Apparatus with Stabilized Power Supply Signal Tracer LDR Characteristics Apparatus Spare Sensitive Galvanometer Radio Active Source Digital R.P.M. Meter Verification of truth tables of Logic gates using NAND Gate Average & RMS Value of a AC Signal Biasing of Transistor (BJT) AND & NOT gates Study the effect of negative feed back of transistor amplifier DC Ammeters & Voltmeters
Physics Electronics Equipments:

Manufacturers, Exporters & OEM Suppliers for Physics Electronics Educational Equipments & Training Products.

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VA-UU6 Thyratron Valve Characteristics Apparatus
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